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Mensagem por ionita constantin em Sex Jul 21, 2017 4:44 pm

Welcome to WindWalker Conquer Private

All Character Classes, and Spells implemented
First and Second Rebirth, Reincarnation
All Items implemented
Dragon Souls
Skill Souls
Steeds & Mount Armors
Epic Weapons (Ninja, Trojan & Taoist, Monk AND Warrior!)
All Maps, Monsters, and Bosses (new Maps, Fg1-2, Sea of Death, Lab 1-4, Lvl5 House, etc)
Cross-CTF, Cross-Server traveling and Kingdom Wars
Achievements, Mentor System, Offline Training, Flower Ranking, Quiz Show, Enlightenment
New Forging Interface
All Clan / Guild Features (including Arsenal and CTF and Clan PK)
Subclasses, Chi, and Jiang-Hu
Lottery, Auction House and Mail System
Poker & Roulette
New WindWalker Class



(Sell source version: 6509)
ionita constantin
ionita constantin

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Data de inscrição : 26/11/2016

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