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Mensagem por ionita constantin em Qua Abr 05, 2017 5:01 pm

Hey Guys,

We're proud to announce the first and only server to fully implement every single feature, event, class, etc exactly as they are on the official conquer servers.

For an entire list of features, you can always visit, but here is a summary anyhow
All character classes and spells
First and second reborn, reincarnation
Dragon Souls, refineries, accessories, steeds, mounts, etc
All new Maps, monsters, and bosses (ex: sea of death, level 5 house, etc)
Achiement system, mentor system, offline tg, flower rankings, quiz show, enlightment, etc
The new forging interface
All clan / guild features (including fully working Clan PK and Guild War)
Subclasses, Chi and Jiang Hu
Lottery, Shopping Mall, and yes, even BP.
Auction House
Poker & Roulette
Epic Weapons
Cross-Server traveling, Cross-Server CTF
All PK Tournaments (ex: Elite, Weekly, Skill, Extreme, etc)
All PVP Events (Ex: CTF, Guild War, Clan War, Couples PK, Class PK, Kingdom Wars, etc)
All events / quests (ex: Daily quests, horse racing, treasure in blue, power arena, dis city, banshee, nemesis, etc)
CP Drops, EXP Ball drops, increased EXP Rates,
US & EU server

For more information and registration, you can visit our website over at:
ionita constantin
ionita constantin

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